#Growns we wanted to take some time out on this fine Saturday to give you a glimpse of this great visual from Mask Munkeys feat. Tann for their latest offering “My Story”.

Stark, haunting and contemplative “My Story” is presented in a way both musically and visually that gives us an indication that this is a story that is universal. With lyrics that capture the essence of the human condition, delivered from the depths of Tann’s soul, I can only marvel at the visual genius of placing her in the center of the circle seated. In my interpretation of that storyboard decision, I am led to believe that the story we are treated to is one of many told on that day from the assembled.

The juxtaposition of the aerial shots against the grounded circle gives us ample opportunity to examine our own lives and stories. A chance to wonder about how far our thoughts can take from our present condition as we wrestle with our reality which are the stories we tell about ourselves.