Grown Folks Music has reserved this page as a place of reverence for not only the greats who have transitioned from this earthly plane, but also for those still among us so that we might celebrate and express our gratitude for their contributions to the music and culture.

The Bell Tolls For You – The Corbett Music Group feat. J.D. Wesley

The Corbett Music Group has created an anthem for the times featuring J.D. Wesley - "The Bell Tools For You".

Andrea Martin Wrote Some of Your Favorite Songs

Andrea Martin wrote some of your favorites songs and she lives on through her tremendous impact in the music world. Check out our playlist of some of the music she wrote.

Ecstasy of Whodini performing at the Old School Hip Hop Fest

In Memoriam: John “Ecstasy” Fletcher

The news of the passing of John "Ecstasy" Fletcher on yesterday at the age of 56 hit hard. There are those of us of a certain age that know [because we were there] what it sounded like and felt to experience this pioneering group, the pioneering sound, the pioneering look. The word fresh comes to mind...

Happy Birthday Marvin!

Celebrating the 80th Birthday of the "Prince of Soul" Marvin Gaye on today.

In Memoriam James Ingram February 16, 1952 – January 29, 2019

When I think of the sound of James Ingram t has always occupied an ethereal and spiritual space. The trademark "Whoo" is truly a clarion call for the ages. The way that James Ingram clued us in, let us all know that it really was about to go down musically.

Happy Birthday – Kashif

In Memoriam Nancy Wilson 1937-2018

Nancy Wilson, the epitome of style grace and elegance has transitioned.

In Memoriam: Aretha Franklin 1942 – 2018

In Memoriam: Aretha Franklin 1942-2018


Anita Baker BET Lifetime Achievement Award

A well-deserved honor for a certified GFM Fave... BET presents Anita Baker with a Lifetime Achievement Award and fitting tribute.