Faith Evans(ft. Big Knuck.) -

Faith Evans(ft. Big Knuck.) – “Right Now”

#Growns we invite you to take a listen and share this very personal composition from Faith Evans(ft. Big Knuck.) - "Right Now".

Sir Spencer (Feat) Jason Peterson DeLaire: “Made In Minneapolis”

Hopefully,(instead of today being another run together day) you will hear what we hear in "Made In Minneapolis" Sir Spencer(Feat.) Jason Peterson DeLaire.

GFM Spotlight Interview – Debórah Bond

#Growns this spotlight interview with Debórah Bond is as real as it gets, so pull up a chair, hit that space bar and enjoy some real music talk.

Calvin Richardson – “Be Your Friend”

#Growns check out the latest single from Calvin Richardson - "Be Your Friend" just in time for your Friday night wind down.

Chewii – “Dance Through The Pain” w/ Govales x Loko Velocet

#Growns let Chewii x Govales x Loko Velocet help us "Dance Through The Pain"

Bradd Marquis – “Always”

"Always" from Bradd Marquis is just the type of love vibe you need to start this love month off right.

Myra Smith The Phoenix – “Dance Floor”

You will often hear me colloquially refer to the "inbox" here at GFM. We have a lot of inboxes and sometimes the message can come through loud and clear as it has with "Dance Floor" from Myra Smith The Phoenix

It Was All A Dream(Or Was It?): Lanie Gardner – A Voice That Gives All Us #Growns Hope

The GFM Groove Phone got a call from Down Under in early October to check out Lanie Gardner.