GFM Spotlight Interview: Koryn Hawthorne Talks New Album & Bridging the Gap

GFM chats with Grammy-nominated Singer Koryn Hawthorne about her latest project "I Am" and much more in this intimate and informative interview.

Saint Ripley Takes Us On “The Drive” (Visual)

I don't know about you but a drive is a lot more fun with great company. Time seems to not matter as much and whereas there may be a destination it becomes secondary.

Ky & Kae

Ky & Kae Give Us The Gift Of A “Pretty Little Butterfly”

Listening to "Pretty Little Butterfly"(the ep) is the pause I needed to make today. It's the hope I needed to hear.

“I Do Sincerely” feat. Marsha Ambrosius Is A Grown Folks Music Nighttime Mood

The latest from Jeff Bradshaw feat. Marsha Ambrosius "I Do Sincerely" is the evening into the nighttime Grown Folks Music that is a whole mood and a half.

The Big Reveal: “Perfect Love” Rachel Eckroth feat. Sy Smith

This 4:05 that you just might be able to take out of your day and unload the heavy, open the blinds either literally or the blinds of your thoughts and let the rays of what Rachel Eckroth and Sy Smith are doing here to give you a lift.

Listen to Chewii’s “Black Skin Lullaby”

Combining introspective enriching themes with a modern approach, Chewii is ready to take the reins and show the world how artistically multifaceted she is. Confident and meticulous in her technique, her voice is sure to resonate in a world that could always use more truth.

“Bä (On My Mind)” from Natani is Music For Your Soul

As you(we) go through this a day(and if we're being honest sometimes an hour) at a time, slow down, breathe and might I suggest a real moment of reflection with "Bä (On My Mind)" from Natani as your soundtrack.