Now hear this! Yes both literally and figuratively. As a listener of music I have reached a point(the listener part of me is a lot more friendly than the musician part of me)where I feel that it is time to squarely stand and plant my flag(a flag if anyone cares to join me) in the “It’s really ok to write a beautiful melody and story and be able to convey that story and melody in a skillful way through your vocal performance and musical production” camp.

“The Answer” from Mask Munkeys squarely falls into that/my/a/our camp. A hauntingly beautiful melody surrounded by a simplistic yet incredibly emotive musical arrangement synthesized by a large mix that places the listener in the middle.

Some like their steak cooked rare and similarly by the Wild, Wild, West that music has become I often see many like their music in a similar state of undone. That wouldn’t be so bad but unlike the steak prepared by a Chef who is well-versed in the culinary arts, most of these musically undone products are prepared at the hands of hobbyists(and I’m being generous).

So I’ll stick to my well-done music prepared by Chefs like Mask Munkeys in a real kitchen, with real ingredients and recipes and leave the Michelina’s to those whose palettes are not equipped, yet.

Ivan Orr is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, and writer. A native of Charlottesville, Virginia Ivan was involved with the forming and nascent days of The Music Resource Center as its first Program Director. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Music, Ivan currently resides in Richmond, VA where he maintains an active performance and production schedule while serving as the Music Editor for Grown Folks Music, a position he has held since 2010.