Now hear this! Yes both literally and figuratively. As a listener of music I have reached a point(the listener part of me is a lot more friendly than the musician part of me)where I feel that it is time to squarely stand and plant my flag(a flag if anyone cares to join me) in the “It’s really ok to write a beautiful melody and story and be able to convey that story and melody in a skillful way through your vocal performance and musical production” camp.

“The Answer” from Mask Munkeys squarely falls into that/my/a/our camp. A hauntingly beautiful melody surrounded by a simplistic yet incredibly emotive musical arrangement synthesized by a large mix that places the listener in the middle.

Some like their steak cooked rare and similarly by the Wild, Wild, West that music has become I often see many like their music in a similar state of undone. That wouldn’t be so bad but unlike the steak prepared by a Chef who is well-versed in the culinary arts, most of these musically undone products are prepared at the hands of hobbyists(and I’m being generous).

So I’ll stick to my well-done music prepared by Chefs like Mask Munkeys in a real kitchen, with real ingredients and recipes and leave the Michelina’s to those whose palettes are not equipped, yet.