get grown



#GetGrown what is it all about? You see it said all the time around these parts but what does it really mean? I think being grown is all about balance and balance is the key to everything. So how does one #GetGrown? I think you #GetGrown by what you input and then how you utilize those inputs. I think a lot of folks struggle because they input a lot of garbage. As the old adage says garbage in garbage out and we’re presented with a lot of garbage.

These inputs and your level of #Grown have nothing to do with age at all. It has everything to do with taste. Taste is acquired and as such is something that is learned. We don’t come out with an innate sense of taste. In regards to taste many just flock to the lowest common denominator because that’s what we have the easiest access to. As we often see around these parts when you know better you do better. I think the reason that a lot of people aren’t able to do better is because they don’t know better. I don’t believe there is one particular way that’s right or wrong but we must be able to concede that there are more choices than what’s thrust upon us on a daily basis by the popular media. That’s the first step to #GetGrown