The rainy day experience often can go one of two ways – confinement or freedom. Confinement at home on a potentially beautiful day out which now the rain has necessitated the proverbial change of plans. Freedom, oh freedom, the rain can be a catalyst for freedom (a new beginning if you will) spurred on by the power of the rain to wash away the past. “In The Rain” from Mask Munkeys feat. Tann puts us at this very crossroad in this sonic play.

A lament, “In The Rain” gives me the feeling of those times when you may have reached a life intersection but you pause for a moment, you know where you don’t want to go, you’re considering where you’re headed but the thought that is at the forefront is that whatever you do this pain that you feel will soon subside. “In The Rain” represents for me the inner dialogue that we are prone to go through when faced with life-altering events especially those in the realm of relationships and love.

Our protagonist here is incarcerated in the shadow of someone who’s only concern is love of self, the kind of person who doesn’t understand that in order to truly love someone you must let them be free to discover who they are and a whole myriad of other things that make us whole as humans. “In The Rain” while standing on the corner in some ways is a march in others or perhaps marking time in place, about to step off. “In The Rain” is a play, a passionate play about the worlds that sometimes we inhabit that begin with a promise that never is lived up to, the fairytale where you thought you’d take up residence on Princess Lane and somehow ended up on Elm St. in a nightmare.

But there’s hope. There’s always hope. Siempre hay esperanza. Mask Munkeys feat. Tann found their hope “In The Rain”

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