Chewii – “Dance Through The Pain” w/ Govales x Loko Velocet

#Growns let Chewii x Govales x Loko Velocet help us "Dance Through The Pain"

Bradd Marquis – “Always”

"Always" from Bradd Marquis is just the type of love vibe you need to start this love month off right.

Myra Smith The Phoenix – “Dance Floor”

You will often hear me colloquially refer to the "inbox" here at GFM. We have a lot of inboxes and sometimes the message can come through loud and clear as it has with "Dance Floor" from Myra Smith The Phoenix

It Was All A Dream(Or Was It?): Lanie Gardner – A Voice That Gives All Us #Growns Hope

The GFM Groove Phone got a call from Down Under in early October to check out Lanie Gardner.

Kea implores us to “Holla If You Hear Me”

Kea(whom we've enjoyed presenting her classy musical style) is back with a warm breeze of a tune that is tailored-made for your Grown Folks soundtrack.

FKAjazz takes us “From Where We Start” feat. Brooke D.

For me, it's all about the sound. "From Where We Start" pulled this listener in as the song contains a warm sonic breeze that just compels one to listen and listen intently.

Let’s See “What’s Cooking” with Jonas & The Scratch Professer

#Growns, award-winning Danish artist, producer and songwriter Jonas Rendbo, has been praised by media all over the world, as the Godfather of Scandinavian Soul.