#Growns, award-winning Danish artist, producer and songwriter Jonas Rendbo, has been praised by media all over the world, as the Godfather of Scandinavian Soul. With a unique and distinctive sound of his own, Jonas has consistently been releasing quality music, and touring, both as a solo artist and always involved in many side-projects, and investing in new artists, to pass on the torch to. His latest release is a collaboration with the british producer and songwriter The Scratch Professer, who many will recognize for the work he has done with his brother, the british soul music icon Omar Lyefook. Together Jonas and Scratch crafted a handful of songs, which became the EP 4ward Fast To Future, that was released earlier this year.

Check out the tracklisting and credits for the project below

1. What’s Cooking (Soulrebel Remix) Soulrebel is the alias of swedish super producer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Fridell. He’s is a longtime close friend and collaborator of Jonas, and his own solo-projects are also released through Jonas Music. Of course, he plays all instruments on this very organic remix.

2. What’s Cooking (Dadson Remix) Poppy reggae vibes on this one. As the name Dadson suggests, this remix is the result of a collaboration between Mogens Palsbøll and his son Marcus. Mogens is also a very close friend, and has been holding the position as bass-man in Jonas’ band, since the release of the first album in 2005.

3. What’s Cooking (JVC Remix) DJ John Vincent is a highly respected and progressive DJ and producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He tours with the biggest artists in R&B and hip hop, produces music for different artists and is 1/2 of the concept and show DoseSampu.com. This remix speeds up the song, and makes it more current and danceable.

4. What’s Cooking (The Scratch Professer Retwist) A trademark retwist by the one and only Scratch Professer. Heavy bass, hip hop drums and manipulated samples are the main ingredients, of the highly recognizable Professer sound.

5. Pick Me up (Andreas Laustsen Remix) Andreas Laustsen is one of the amazingly talented young producers, that Jonas have been collaborating with, in recent years. He offers a fresh direction and vibe, and an unmistakeable musicality, that is rare. The solo at the end of this, is Daniel Fridell on the Würlitzer.

6. Pick Me Up (Tony Ozier Remix) Fully organic live played soul music. Tony Ozier from Texas, US and Jonas from Copenhagen, Denmark, were introduced in a video-chat with UK DJ Taxman. The 2 artists clicked, and are now planning to collab on various projects. First work together is this remix, where Tony plays most of the instruments himself, with a little help from his uncle on bass, and drummer extraordinaire Tyrone Henrix

7. Let’s Fight (Soulrebel Remix) Dirty, gritty soul-funk courtesy of the swedish doctor Soulrebel. Handplayed and uncontrolably organic. Check the crazy synth solo and the end.