Whadda week? But one thing I’ve always taken solace in is that there’s always music! Let’s not take it that for granted. Now I must qualify when I say we always have music, I’m strictly talking about great music. I just had to clarify that statement. There’s lots of music released everyday. “From Where We Start” from FKAjazz feat. Brooke D. deserves your attention.

For me, it’s all about the sound. “From Where We Start” pulled this listener in as the song contains a warm sonic breeze that just compels one to listen and listen intently. The above lyric video is part of a grouping of videos for the song that contain a dance video and eventually an official video release. This is the type of musical respite you should take in 2020. “From Where We Start” occupies its own world of sound and not that we close off and forget the world that we currently live in, but sometimes you just need a break. You need a break from the madness. You need a break from the mundane. You need a break from the mediocre. Take a break today with “From Where We Start” FKAjazz feat. Brooke D.

Full Credits: Samir Zarif aka FKAjazz – tenor saxophone & various keyboards (all tracks); Brooke D. – vocals (tracks 3) Yoshiki Yamada – electric bass (all tracks) & voiceover (tracks 1 & 3), Noah MacNeil – grand piano (track 2); Justin Swiney aka Unkle Nephew – drums (tracks 2 & 3), Ayaka Tokunaga – voiceover (track 1 & 3) | Production & Composition: FKAjazz | Mixing Engineer: FKAjazz | Mastering by Joe Lambert Mastering | Cover Photo by Brenda Vergaray | Artwork by Samir Zarif

Pre-save here: https://untd.io/m/fkajazzfwws

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