#Growns Natani who we got your familiar with this past summer with her debut release “Bä (On My Mind)” has brought to the table at this time “N.W.A.(New World Anthem)”. I’d say that “N.W.A.(New World Anthem)” is music for a movement. With a beautiful delivery from a true songbird, as evidenced by Natani’s vocal lifting and working its way through her different registers. The entire vocal delivery rests on a beautiful tone. “N.W.A.(New World Anthem)” has an optimism that you cannot help but get caught up in. As I listened I couldn’t help but visualize an entire montage of what this country has been going through this year. This song is all about balance as the lyric, vocal delivery and music production all have ample room to breathe and be heard.

This is life music. “N.W.A.(New World Anthem)” out now on all digital music platforms.