In the eleven years that I’ve been rockin’ with the GFM Crew I value and keep very, very close our trusted musical sources. These are folks whose ears I trust so much that all it takes is a recommendation from one of them and it is an instant play. You see, the inbox at GFM HQ stays very, very, full. There are gems and well, some not so shiny other things in there as well. I’m also proud to say that the network of trusted sources keeps growing and growing – we’re even International now.

The GFM Groove Phone got a call from Down Under in early October to check out Lanie Gardner. At the time Nathan Apodaca aka Doggface208(his feature story is below)had made the block hot with his viral TikTok video of him on a skateboard lip-synching to the Fleetwood Mac classic “Dreams” whilst drinking that good Ocean Spray elixir. After pressing play I made it to the 0:18 mark and I already knew Lanie Gardner was way more than a contender. The tone of her voice, the relaxed manner in which she delivers the song, the playfulness in the control she has of her instrument – Lanie Gardner is somebody’s singer. But not only that, Lanie is somebody’s writer as she has been writing songs since she was 11.

Oh I knew it wouldn’t take long and it didn’t… shortly after posting this video Lanie was signed to Jonas Group Entertainment. The sound of Lanie Gardner to these ears has “Young Grown” written all over it. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina(the birthplace and ancestral home of this author’s dear mother)Lanie couldn’t help but have that beautiful tone having probably tasted a little Cheerwine and Merita Bread in her time. Speaking of not being able to help things… Lanie is Team MJ so that should tell you everything you need to know about her vocal tone.

This video and everything Lanie Gardner represents gives this music editor hope. Is that audacious in these days and times? Perhaps, but also I believe that it is very necessary to have hope and when you have evidence that great singing is still important and is still happening(contrary to what the mainstream wave has been for a minute) you can fully realize and understand that Lanie Gardner is the new reality and not just a dream.