Yesterday, I had the esteemed pleasure to attend the latest installment of Frank McComb‘s Independent Artist Institute with featured special guest Najee. The experience was far beyond what you might find out in the world of online webinars etc., This was simply put a great hang.

Ordinary Just Won’t Do

I have spent a lot of time both pre-Covid era (and definitely during this Covid era we find ourselves in) attending seminars, researching information and numerous other activities surrounding the business of music. My experience yesterday at the Independent Artist Institute was beyond just ordinary, the stories and practical advice were nothing short of inspiring. I hate to be that guy, but in this instance I think it is beyond apropos to state “You had to be there.” Yep, I said it.

Cue MC

Most of the time when I got to webinars I feel like the Mariah Carey clip above. That’s not a criticism, it’s just how I feel. I know that there are tons of fantastic musicians doing the work that I may not know who they are. When you do know someone’s work and they’ve had careers as long and as varied as Frank McComb and Najee that’s just a different level of insight that you’re going to receive and appreciate.

No Filters

True confession time. I didn’t know what to expect at yesterdays session, so I wasn’t exactly prepared. What I mean by that is most of the time you go to a Zoom they are fashioned in the webinar style set up where you can only see the presenters and then there’s the chat on the side that just runs like a Wall Street ticker the whole time. If you were to extract the tenor of what is said in the chat whilst information is being disseminated it is pretty much the equivalent of “Please listen to my demo”. Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with that the first two or three hundred times you see it but four hundred is where I draw the line. I kid.

I truly was not prepared for the accessibility and open nature of Frank and Najee. Along with the fact that we were all visible and audible to one another(that usually doesn’t happen). What I also want to add is that everyone who participated were on a similar vibe, asking great questions, open and accepting and just laid back. That’s my kind of hang.

No Spoilers

I mentioned it above but I really feel that it bears repeating… Frank McComb’s Independent Artist Institute is something you need to experience for yourself. If you involve yourself in this game of music and you have an interest in the integrity that independence brings then you owe to yourself to attend. There should be some word soon in the coming weeks as to when the next session will be held and what artist may be joining Frank. If you follow us on the web at GFM we will definitely keep you in the know but also make your way to follow the accounts below.