You will often hear me colloquially refer to the “inbox” here at GFM. We have a lot of inboxes and sometimes the message can come through loud and clear as it has with “Dance Floor” from Myra Smith The Phonenix a VA based author, motivational speaker, music teacher, consultant, and singer. “Dance Floor” is from Myra Smith’s 2017 release Sunday Kinda Love. “Dance Floor” is my kinda of groove having spent my formative years learning and playing in the classic Go-Go Style.

May We Take Your Order?

This type of post and music is what GFM is all about. Great music and great artists and the discovery thereof have no expiration date. The world that we live in now requires that we treasure beauty when we are lucky enough to receive it. The sound of “Dance Floor” cannot be reduced to just the aforementioned groove but it truly is a whole mood with the beauty and breeze of the warmest July evening. The taste(the aesthetic if I may)conjured by the performance here from Myra Smith and the entire cast would be an offering on the menu if GFM was a restaurant. Well, actually we kinda are(and we do offer delivery).

A Real Virginia Current

I couldn’t leave this post without saluting my fellow Virginian(actual Virginians). Myra Smith was profiled a few years back on the long running PBS Series Virginia Currents which is hosted by none other than Daphne Maxwell Reid(who was on a little show that just held a reunion).

So #Growns here’s what I need you to do:

1. First things first at the top of the post I need you to press play and let the music take you away. You need that in your life.

2. Then come on back down here and watch this inspiring profile.

3. Then I need you to get out there like you would get out on the Dance Floor and support the movement of Myra Smith The Phoenix!

For more info on Myra Smith The Phoenix go here.