#NowPlaying: Carl Brister – L.O.V.E.

#Growns now more than ever we need love and the message in the music from Carl Brister is now and needed.

#NowPlaying: Talibah Safiya – “Waiting All Night”

#Growns it's about that time that you get familiar with Talibah Safiya and her latest "Waiting All Night"!

#NewMusic: iorr03 – “Stronger Than Pride”(Instrumental Cover)

#Growns one of our has presented us with a gift for not only Valentines Day but anytime you think of or are in the mood for love!

#NowWatching: Rexy – “All Our Lives”

#Growns check out the premiere of "All Our Lives" from Rexy!

#NowWatching: Professor Daddy-O feat. Bun B “(U Ain’t) Ride Now”

#Growns check out the latest visual from Professor Daddy-O feat. Bun B "(U Ain't) Ride Now" p.s. peep the hoodie :)

#NowPlaying: Linda Diaz – “Honesty”

#Growns get familiar with the "Honesty" of Linda Diaz.