Q Parker has been a busy man lately; he’s been on the road promoting his single “Show You How”, in the studio putting the finishing touches on debut album The MANual and being a devoted husband and father. However, he took a break from his busy schedule to find himself in a familiar place…in line with Mike, Slim and Daron as 112 hit the stage at Atlantic City’s House of Blues for the first time in close to seven years.

Those first few rehearsal sessions found the guys of out-of-sync, but once they found their groove, it felt like 1996 all over again. Then 1998, 2001, 2003 and next thing Q knew they were onstage before a crowd that’s waited with baited breath for 112’s return. Much to the delight of the crowd, the kinks were worked out and the guys looked and sounded like they haven’t missed a beat as they poured through their catalog and then individually went into solo stage time. Being on stage with the guys had to feel great, but the reaction Q received when he performed “Show You How” had to be especially special; the eruption when the beat dropped and the ladies singing along was proof positive that all of his hard work was paying off.

It wasn’t the first eruption he caused for the night, which came as he took his shirt off, officially making it a 112 party! He’s been the “one that takes his shirt off” since the group’s inception and has done a great job not only keeping in shape, but maintaining a healthy living lifestyle. He displays his physique a bit more candidly, as well as a few fitness tips in this year’s edition of his fitness calendar, visit www.qparkerfitnesscalendar.com for more information.

Abs aside, he recently released “QGasms: Chapter 1” a prelude to his album that will be followed by Chapter 2 and then the album’s release this fall. On the first installment, Q showcases his range and diversity with a variety of Qversions, covers and remixes of songs riding the charts as well as 112 classics. Finally, he showcases his songwriting ability with snippets of new material he’s been prepping for the R&B lovers.

Time hasn’t robbed Q Parker of the wisdom and experience it offers us all; he’s paid tremendous detail to the lessons 16 years in this business has taught him and he’s applying as he launching his solo career on his own terms. Over the next few months, you’ll find Q Parker in a city near you doing spot dates on his own and with 112. Follow him on Twitter @qparker112 and Facebook.com/qparkermusic to stay up-to-date on news, concert dates and release information.

See you in the next chapter…