GFM Spotlight Interview: TJ Jackson Talks Consistency, Fans, New Music & Uncle MichaeI


TJ Jackson stopped by to chop it us with us about his upcoming new project called MMM, and the new sound he's espousing for the album. Additionally, he talked about the struggle to sometimes be consistent to his mission as an artist, but how the loyalty of his fans over the last 25 years is a strong source of fuel and motivation.  Last but not least, TJ Jackson recalled how instrumental his uncle, Michael Jackson, was to his and his brothers' music and the creative direction he thinks his uncle might have taken today with his own music. Watch the video and enjoy.

GFM Spotlight Interview - Debórah Bond

This lively and informative chat with Debórah Bond is one that you want to take some time out of your schedule to check out. From dealing with the Covid era as a working musician, to her latest single "radio" her first single in ten years, to her work with Bluey from Incognito, her first solo album compass: I, and much, much, more!

Editor's note

This interview was recorded in late February a week prior to our Music Editor @iorr03 coming down with a serious illness. He's fortunately on the mend now and much thanks to Debórah and her entire team for their support, grace and understanding in this unfortunate delay of getting this great convo.

Written & Performed by Deborah Bond
Produced by Trey Sorrells
Directed by T L Benton/Mecca Filmworks
Styling: Alan Kitrell
Makeup: Ruben Bermudez

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GFM Spotlight Interview: Donell Jones Talks New Album, Black Twitter & Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes

R&B favorite and American Music Award winner Donell Jones gives music fans the ultimate Valentine's Day gift-- a new album called 100% Free.  Now an independent artist, Jones is releasing his first album in seven years and it is available for download at his website at the cost of... 100% free. However, Jones has partnered with The National Center of Missing & Exploited Children Foundation and he will contribute 25% of donations made toward the album.

Recently, Donell Jones spoke with us about his new music, his new outlook on life, Black Twitter's discussion of the "Where I Wanna Be" video, working with Jon B. and other great recollections from back in the day including Lisa Lopes on the set of "U Know What's Up" video.  Watch and enjoy the interview. 100% Free is available NOW!


GFM Spotlight Interview: Saxappeal Talks Black Gold, Detroit & Bruno Mars


Grammy-nominated saxophonist and Detroit native Saxappeal believes his musical mission is to rekindle the flame between people and music; which is, unfortunately, flickering dim. His hopes are to touch people through his music, in ways they've yet to be touched. With focus, determination, positive energy, love, and a passion deeper than anything he can explain, he uses his horn to tell stories, state his opinions, and celebrate the gift of music through love.  Saxappeal describes his sound as "SaxSoul"-- a blend of jazz, hip-hop, soul, and R&B.

Saxappeal has performed with a who's who list of artists. Familiar names include fellow Detroit artists Dwele, K'Jon and Zo!, French-born duo Les Nubians, R&B legend Leon Ware, London's own powerhouse duo Floetry, Grammy-nominated Indie-Soul artist Eric Roberson and Carmen Rodgers. Most recently, he toured with Charlie Wilson as he opened for the Bruno Mars XXIVk (24 karat) Magic Tour.

We spoke with Saxappeal about his album called Black Gold, and how the pandemic pushed him to finish the project. Additionally, he shared what it means to him to be an artist from a city with a rich musical legacy like Detroit, his tour experience with Bruno Mars, and moreover, how he got that gig. Finally, he gave us his definition of Grown Folks Music.  Also, be sure to watch the video to learn the absolutely innocent and delightful way that Saxappeal became interested in playing the saxophone at the tender age of 7.





GFM Spotlight Interview - KEA

I recently chatted with dynamic singer/songwriter KEA. Raised in Pittsburgh to a singer/guitarist father (a la George Benson) and a violinist mother, KEA has had an intimate relationship with music all of her life. This wide ranging discussion was truly a Grown discussion that centered around music and in many ways life.

#Growns it is truly our pleasure to present KEA in our spotlight forum and we hope that you enjoy our convo and share this with your folks who would appreciate the vibe and discover and support KEA's music and movement if you are not already a fan.

About KEA

Since 2017, independent Soul singer/songwriter KEA (Kea Michaels) has been steadily building a devoted following over the global Urban Adult Contemporary airwaves with a series of well-received singles reflecting her soul-piercing / heart-penetrating musical perspectives on agape love, romance and heartbreak. It’s no wonder her forthcoming EP is titled Relationships, a subject she plumbs with much sensitivity, candor and feminine introspection.

With each successive release of her singles “iLove You,” “Not My Friend” and a highly distinct remake of Smokey Robinson’s classic “Being with You,” KEA has made her fresh mature presence felt on the tastemaker charts of America and the U.K. such as Smooth Jazz Network (where she has been a consistent Top 50 charter), Digital Radio Tracker, Top 30 on the Urban Influencer urban chart, coveted streams on I-Heart radio, especially supportive U.S. stations such as WFSK in Nashville, KCCB in Corning, Arkansas and Top 10 status at Buffalo, New York’s WUFO. Thanks to her engaging and emotive videos (which she storyboards. directs and styles herself), and the heartfelt expression felt in her lyrics and voice, KEA’s is a story that is ever-evolving, unfolding and compelling.

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GFM Spotlight Interview: Isaac Hayes III Talks Tech Start Up & Music & the Movement

Isaac Hayes lll, a visionary of black tech, is best known for being the son and heir to his soul icon father’s estate, the late Isaac Hayes Jr. Hayes began a multi-ventured 21-year career as a songwriter-producer that transitioned into scoring music for TV networks and movies. He manages the name, image, likeness, brand, masters and publishing catalog of his soul icon father. Now, he is on a new path as a first-time founder and CEO of tech start up Fanbase.

We spoke with Hayes about Fanbase-- what it is, how it came to be and how it will help creative content makers, influencers and artists generate well deserved income through monetization.  In addition, we talked about the upcoming TV One documentary Music & the Movement and how he became involved with the project.

Watch the interview and enjoy.

About Unsung Presents: Music & the Movement:

The special remembers the artists and songs that have provided the soundtrack to the fight for justice and equality.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day special incorporates first-hand accounts, interviews with artists and media, coupled with archival footage from memorable speeches, soul-stirring vocal performances, and more.

Erica Campbell, Big Gipp, Raheem DeVaughn, Rev. Al Sharpton, Isaac Hayes III, Ronda Racha Penrice, Headkrack, Shante Paige, DJ Kemit, Dyana Williams, Angie Ange, Colby Colb, Rickey Vincent, Steve Ivory, Delores Thompson, Dave Washington, Billy Johnson, Jr., Kenny Gamble, P. Frank Williams, Keith Murphy, DJ Yella, Battlecat, Soren Baker, and Felicia “Poetess” Morris are all featured in the documentary special.




GFM Spotlight Interview: J.J. Hairston is "Not Holding Back"


Fresh for the new year, gospel artist JJ Hairston just released his new album, Not Holding Back. The album consists of an organically composed list of 12 live tracks - each with its own message, but cohesively gathered to directly touch his audience.

This new set of work promises to uplift listeners to combat the fear of being vulnerable, and illuminate the power of never holding back.

Hairston spoke with us about the new album, his intention of not holding back in his purpose and more! Check it out!




GFM Spotlight Interview: VaShawn Mitchell Brings Us Home For Christmas

Grammy nominee and multiple Dove and Stellar Award-winning artist VaShawn Mitchell recently released Home For Christmas. The project is a 5-track EP of original holiday songs.

Growns, you might know VaShawn Mitchell best for his career-defining hit, "Nobody Greater". During this interview Mitchell shares a story about the actual impact and reach of that song.

But, back to his latest release, the Home For Christmas highlights Mitchell's skills as a producer and as a former choir director on songs like "Lifted Up".

A pleasant surprise on the project is the track,  "Home With You"--an instant soul Christmas classic featuring the lovely Chante' Moore.

Mitchell talked about how he got Moore involved with this project and how recording during a pandemic resulted ultimately in a more creative and efficient process. Last, but not least, of course VaShawn Mitchell gave his is definition of Grown Folks Music. Watch and enjoy the interview.

GFM Spotlight Interview: Vivian Green Talks Feeling Liberated to Create an Honest New Album

Vivian Green recently released a new album, her seventh, called Love Absolute. Green explained that she felt free while creating this new album. She admits that she didn't have that experience with previous projects. Because of that newly-found liberation, she believes Love Absolute stands apart from her other albums. “I felt liberated to explore what was in my head without a spotlight, judgment or criticism, while recording Love Absolute," said Green.

Grown Folks Music spoke with Vivian Green about the new album-- co-produced with Kwamè -- that touches on romance, heartache, pain, self-love and socially-conscious issues. She discussed the intention behind some of the tracks on the album-- including an "Easter egg" dropped in one of the tracks that is a nod to an '80s, beloved, mega pop star [listen carefully to catch it], addressing the Africa diaspora and covering a popular song from a 90's movie soundtrack.  About the album overall, Green says, “I’ve listened to Love Absolute many times and I must say that it’s wonderfully versatile and beautifully cohesive. It’s gentle, tough, regretful, sexy, honest, loving and gives fans a look into my life. It also conveys self-love; love of my people; love of jazz; love of my privacy; and love of love. I haven’t made an album this honest in some years.”

Watch our and enjoy our interview with Vivian Green. Her new album, Love Absolute, is out now.


GFM Spotlight Interview: MAJOR. Talks New Music, Endorsement & Encouragement from Stevie Wonder & Patti LaBelle

We had the pleasure of catching up with singer, actor and "hope dealer", MAJOR. Growns, we've haven't been subtle about telling you he's one to watch. Since we first spoke to him back in 2017 he's landed a Grammy nomination as well as a recurring role on a hit television show.

Now, he's back with a song of encouragement for these trying times called, "Doves Cry". We chatted with him about the new single, what it means to have the mentorship and endorsement of legends Stevie Wonder and Patti LaBelle, acting alongside Brandy... and more! Watch the interview and enjoy.