Lexi In The Room Single

Check out “In The Room” by Motown Gospel recording artist and TV personality Lexi. As you listen, note some of the lyrics… the atmosphere changes when God is “In The Room”. Produced by the acclaimed rhythm and praise duo Dawkins and Dawkins, “In The Room” is from the forthcoming album, Just Listen. Watch Lexi explain the song below as well as the official visuals for the song,

“You are the, You are the light
And You’re never going out
Never never going out
Everything changes, when You’re in the room
Heart gets better, pieces come together
I can see forever
When You’re in the room

As I recall, chains fall
Grace comes quick and through
When You’re in the room my hands go up
And I think about where I’ve been
Cos every time I let You in, Lord it’s a win
So when You’re in the room, don’t leave
Cos I love Your company
Feels like heaven here with You
When You’re in the room”