#Growns get familiar with GLOW(The Gifted League Of Writers) - "Ten of Diamonds"


#Growns we wanted to get your weekend going with getting you hip to the sounds of GLOW(Gifted League Of Writers). Above is "Best of Me" which features Dave Love. This the latest single release from GLOW's compilation Ten of Diamonds. If you head over to GLOW's Bandcamp you can purchase a 12" vinyl the features remixes from Don-E and DJ Spinna with performances from Omar. Ten of Diamonds also features performances from some of your faves that have graced the GFM pages such as: Keith Robinson , Honey Larochelle, Deonis Cook and artists to get familiar with like TEGA, Mary Joyner, NNDI, Fudakochi and Lavahi.

GLOW is the Gifted League Of Writers production unit, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The GLOW team has numerous people from all over the world bringing their talent as musicians, songwriters and producers to customize each song they produce to the essence of each artist, group or band they work with. Check out this description of the concept from founder Dawn McGhee and #Growns make sure you get familiar with GLOW!


Carl Brister - "L.O.V.E."(Released Today April 24,2020) & Virtual Tour Performance May 1, 2020


#Growns we want you to be in the know and on the front lines of this movement of L.O.V.E. with Carl Brister who we gave you a preview of back in March of his latest single "L.O.V.E." that drops today. Follow this link to get your copy. Here at GFM we are very excited to partner with Carl to bring you a very intimate and inspirational performance on Friday May 1, 2020 that will be streamed live on our Facebook Page(GrownFolksMusic1) beginning at 8:15pm. I have the pleasure of being on hand to interview Carl throughout his set. We anticipate that this will be a great night of music and that the time we will share together we truly promote the message of "L.O.V.E."

Please share this great music and save the date May 1, 2020 to join us on this very special occasion!

Official Website:www.carlbrister.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/carlbristerofficial
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/carlbristerofficial
Twitter: http://twitter.com/CarlBrister
YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/CarlBristerTV07
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/carlbrister



#GrownNightOut: Such @City Winery DC


DMV Area #Growns the word on the street is City Winery is the place to be this evening for the Such, Antoine Dunn show.

Such (who we interviewed late last summer) is continuing her Wide Nose, Full Lips Tour with a much anticipated stop in the area. Her latest single @radio "Before Dark" (featured above) is receiving some much-deserved love. So #Growns you know what to do... take some time out on Little Friday(today) and head on out to support the movement and music of Such.

For tickets to tonight's show head here

#Now Playing: "In Between Times" - James "Biscuit" Rouse

"In Between Times" is the brand new single from drummer/songwriter/producer/vocalist James "Biscuit" Rouse.

After a listen I was immediately drawn to the expert casting of the drums as not only the drive but at moments the driver on the song once we reach the instrumental break and out vamp. This positioning is not overstated in the least bit and it makes total sense when you consider Rouse's body of work as the current musical director for Vivian Green and Syleena Johnson. Rouse also was the drummer of choice for Lauryn Hill for six years and has also held the drums down for many luminaries including Chic, Vernon Reid, Bilal and Kindred The Family Soul.

You see there's a certain type of knowledge and care when you understand the music from both the inside(composer) and the outside(performer) and when you've been placed in a position as a musical director you are controlling the mood of the music as well as the performance mood of the musicians. These skills are on full display on "In Between Times". This is a song that encapsulates the tenor of these times expertly through the sound and story. A soundscape for contemplation, a companion for the walk, run or favorite chair to look out and within.

"In Between Times" out now through NIA DISTRIBUTION available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all digital outlets.

Sy Smith talking with JB for her

Sy Smith Brings The "Sometimes A Rose" Tour To Soul Village Atlanta

If you didn't get a chance to catch the "Queen of Underground Soul", singer, songwriter, Sy Smith on her tour stop in Atlanta, you missed a treat! At Soul Village Atlanta/Moods Music, host JB aka Soul Cool Jay got a chance to discuss Smith's musical journey in working with artists like Whitney Houston and Sheila E., the highs and lows of being an independent artist, and some of the inspiration for her latest release, " Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete". Smith's live performance included songs like "Camelot", "Can't Get Over You" and "Now And Later". Here are a few photos from the new Soul Village and highlights of the show.
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Now Playing/Visuals: George Tandy, Jr.: "Already Love"

Check out the visuals from a young artist we dig 'round here at GFM-- George Tandy, Jr. In "Already Love", we hear the influence of the Minneapolis Sound on the track. We say Minneapolis Sound because we're not talking just about the Purple One. Upon listening, the music of Andre' Cymone is the connection that our ears immediately made to this song. Click on it. Enjoy the retro pop and R&B feel of the song and the positive vibes in the video.


Now Playing: Ronnie Wright: "Love You Down"

Just in time for this week's love holiday, we present "Love You Down" from Oregon-based artist Ronnie Wright. "Love You Down" gets an assist from the great masters of love music themselves-- The Isley Brothers. "Love You Down is a little "Summer Breeze" mixed with some finger snaps, strong bass guitar, great drum playing and a "can't miss" quiet storm staple-- the sound of rain.

But all of those special ingredients are for naught if you don't enjoy the vocals or the story Wright is telling. We think you will. Push play.

Daniel Caesar

Now Playing: Daniel Caesar: "Get You" Feat. Kali Uchis

Rising star Daniel Caesar is giving us laid back funk on his single, "Get You". Not a newly released song-- "Get You" is from Caesar's now Grammy-nominated, 2017 debut album Freudian. We're here to put the Growns up on game just in case you hadn't heard of the young Canadian artist and wasn't aware he was vibin' like this. Also, it's worth gently suggesting to the old-school crew that not all of the artistic expression coming forth from young and new artists is garbage. Not only is not all of it garbage-- some of it has the nerve to be pretty good and worth a listen. Even the "grown and sexy", old-school R&B radio stations have started to take note and have added "Get You" to the rotation of songs played.

We hope this is reflective of changes to come at radio-- the open ears of the programming and music directors. Now, if we can just get them to play the new songs of old artists, then we'd be cooking with gas. For example, we'd sure like to hear some songs from Kenny Lattimore, Ledisi and Syleena Johnson's, new albums. Most of the Growns aren't even aware that these artists (and other veteran artists they love) have albums out currently--no thanks to radio-- but, they still hear "I Blame You" on the regular.  However, that's a whole 'nother commentary for  a whole 'nother post.

Back to Daniel Caesar. For now Growns, check out "Get You" and if it moves you check out the whole album. Freudian is nominated for a 2018 Grammy award in the Best R&B Album category and "Get You" is nominated in the Best R&B Performance category.

Eric Roberson performing live at Center Stage Atlanta for the EP Release Concert for

Eric Roberson Bringing Music With "Fire" Live to Center Stage Atlanta


Eric Roberson performing live at Center Stage Atlanta for the EP Release Concert for "Fire"
© Hope West/Grown Folks Music - Eric Roberson performing live at Center Stage Atlanta for the EP Release Concert for "Fire"

Photo Credit: Hope West / Written By: Kimberly Kennedy Charles

Eric Roberson brought Fire... the music from the new EP that is... to Center Stage Theater in Atlanta on Saturday, November 4, 2017. The packed show celebrated the release of  Fire-- the third EP in the ambitious trilogy of EPs Roberson released this year called Earth, Wind & Fire. It's ambitious, because Roberson covers A LOT of ground on these EPs.  From the gravity of the circle of life on "The Hospital Song" from Earth, to a man fearing he may have missed his chance to settle down with the woman of his dreams on "Claire" from Wind and the lost innocence and life of a 12-year-old boy on "Tamir" from Fire-- which he performed during the show.

Eric Roberson dispersed many of  his hits throughout the show including the three most requested songs by fans on social media for the Atlanta show--"Softest Lips", "She" and "Pretty Girl". There was also some comedic "cutting up" with a silly, impromptu song about beautiful women called "If God Made It Is It Wrong To Look".

The show wasn't completely lighthearted however. Roberson did perform songs from the Fire EP, and as the title suggests, it might be the most fervent of the trilogy as Roberson deals with some hot-button topics.  As mentioned earlier, he performed the somber "Tamir". Before he did, he told the crowd that it was the most important song he's ever written in his life. Roberson said, "We're not supposed to get this type of news and just go with our daily lives." Then, he dedicated the song to the Rice Family-- the family of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was fatally shot by police in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014 after they responded to a call that a black male was pointing a gun. The gun turned out to be a toy.  In the song Roberson says,

"When I was young I had a toy gun

Used to wave it at everyone

As a kid that's what we did

We were just kids being kids

Wouldn't let my boys have one now

Some cops won't hesitate to gun a kid down."

He goes on to say, "Don't mind me as I shed a tear for 12-year-old Tamir."

Later, the mood shifted again as there was a fantastic old-school set where The Notorious B.I.G. meets Frank Sinatra, and other classic hop-hop jams (and a gospel one too) were performed that you'll have to attend a show to fully enjoy.

Eric Roberson understands his position as a leader [if not the leader] of this independent soul movement and he is very gracious toward his fans on stage-- he treated Atlanta to over two hours of performing, as well off stage--he signs CDs and greets fans after the show.  Definitely worth showing a little love in return by attending a show AND buying a set of the Earth, Wind & Fire... or two.

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Supa Lowery Brothers Press Photo

Now Playing: Supa Lowery Brothers: "Gimme Your Love" Feat. Musiq Soulchild

The Supa Lowery Brothers have combined jazz with Philly R&B on "Gimme Your Love" and the recipe equals smoothness. The track is nice on it's own, but Musiq's always reliable lyrics and silky delivery take it up a notch. Definitely worth a listen Growns.

About the Supa Lowery Brothers band: Trumpeter/Songwriter Christopher Lowery and his twin brother, Drummer/Producer Wesley Lowery, make up the heart of the Supa Lowery Brothers. Their music pulls elements from hip hop, R&B and jazz. Like Musiq, the brothers hail from Philadelphia but they can currently be found gracing the live music scene in Los Angeles.