Allow me to set the stage for you: You’re at the crib(because well, isn’t everyone these days) you’re doing the streaming thing because well, that’s just what you do. All of a sudden before the next multi-part Vlad interview kicks in and you hit that skip button, you are immediately struck by a mellifluous sound that you stop what you’re doing because you’re about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to. Nawl, you don’t do that, you do what longtime GFM Fam member did in the post below.

Now what do you do if you’re a music outlet like GFM? You must investigate! Who is this wonderful artist? Why have we not heard of her until now? If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in this now over a decade writing for this site it’s this: You don’t have to be first to be relevant. There’s always something or someone that’s going to be new to you. What’s most important is being responsive and supportive when you find music and artists that resonate with you.

What Colletta demonstrated so well is that music is all around us. When we hear something that catches the ear we have to relish those moments and go further and deeper. In this new landscape there’s not always going to be an announcer coming over the air saying that was “Anna Moore with Cloud Surfing!!!” What Anna Moore is demonstrating to us is that there is no expiration date on great music. Sometimes when you put your music out there you have to wait for that catalyst to help everyone else catch up. But what I really want to know from Anna Moore is can we get the hook up on some snacks? I kid, I kid.

Check out the full version of “Cloud Surfing” below.

Here’s Anna Moore’s latest release “All We Need” a song and story for the times we’re in…

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