GFM Spotlight Interview: Vivian Green Talks Feeling Liberated to Create an Honest New Album

Vivian Green recently released a new album, her seventh, called Love Absolute. Green explained that she felt free while creating this new album. She admits that she didn't have that experience with previous projects. Because of that newly-found liberation, she believes Love Absolute stands apart from her other albums. “I felt liberated to explore what was in my head without a spotlight, judgment or criticism, while recording Love Absolute," said Green.

Grown Folks Music spoke with Vivian Green about the new album-- co-produced with Kwamè -- that touches on romance, heartache, pain, self-love and socially-conscious issues. She discussed the intention behind some of the tracks on the album-- including an "Easter egg" dropped in one of the tracks that is a nod to an '80s, beloved, mega pop star [listen carefully to catch it], addressing the Africa diaspora and covering a popular song from a 90's movie soundtrack.  About the album overall, Green says, “I’ve listened to Love Absolute many times and I must say that it’s wonderfully versatile and beautifully cohesive. It’s gentle, tough, regretful, sexy, honest, loving and gives fans a look into my life. It also conveys self-love; love of my people; love of jazz; love of my privacy; and love of love. I haven’t made an album this honest in some years.”

Watch our and enjoy our interview with Vivian Green. Her new album, Love Absolute, is out now.


Now Playing/Visual: Vivian Green: "Vibes"

Vivian Green's new visuals-- filmed in Townsend, Georgia give us hot summer days and even hotter nights at the juke joint "Vibes". Pun intended. The video was directed Derek Blanks and features a cameo by rapper Kwame as well as the owner of the establishment it was filmed in. Click on it, and see how you vibe to it. "Vibes" is the second single from Vivian Green's album VGVI, pronounced “vee-gee-six.”

#Now Playing: "In Between Times" - James "Biscuit" Rouse

"In Between Times" is the brand new single from drummer/songwriter/producer/vocalist James "Biscuit" Rouse.

After a listen I was immediately drawn to the expert casting of the drums as not only the drive but at moments the driver on the song once we reach the instrumental break and out vamp. This positioning is not overstated in the least bit and it makes total sense when you consider Rouse's body of work as the current musical director for Vivian Green and Syleena Johnson. Rouse also was the drummer of choice for Lauryn Hill for six years and has also held the drums down for many luminaries including Chic, Vernon Reid, Bilal and Kindred The Family Soul.

You see there's a certain type of knowledge and care when you understand the music from both the inside(composer) and the outside(performer) and when you've been placed in a position as a musical director you are controlling the mood of the music as well as the performance mood of the musicians. These skills are on full display on "In Between Times". This is a song that encapsulates the tenor of these times expertly through the sound and story. A soundscape for contemplation, a companion for the walk, run or favorite chair to look out and within.

"In Between Times" out now through NIA DISTRIBUTION available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all digital outlets.

Vivian Green VGVI Album Cover

Visuals: Vivian Green: "I Don't Know"

The good vibes continue in the Derek Blanks-produced visuals for Vivian Green's first single "I Don't Know", from her forthcoming sixth album VGVI (Vee Gee Six). She is also working on a 2017 Christmas album along side Ms. Patti Labelle with a guest feature from Ruben Studdard.

Catch Vivian Green this fall when she appears as Vivica Fox's best friend in the stage play adaptation of the film Two Can Play That Game featuring Vivica Fox, Gary Dourdan, Columbus Short, Porsha Williams and Carl Payne.

Vivian Green I Don't Know

Lyric Video: Vivian Green: "I Don't Know"

Now playing the lyric video for the new single "I Don't Know" by Vivian Green.

On "I Don't Know" Vivian Green mixes a little bit of the familiar melody from the classic, quiet-storm staple "Moments In Love" with reggae movement and clear vocals. Together those elements work to make a radio-friendly track that's just right to ride out to during these last days of summer.

"I Don't Know" is from Vivian Green's forthcoming new album set for release this fall.

Vivian Green Grown Folks Music

#Visuals: Vivian Green: "Grown Folks Music (Work)"


R&B Vocalist Vivian Green released the new music video for our unofficial anthem- "Grown Folks Music (Work)" produced by Kwame' and directed by Derek Blanks off her fifth studio album Vivid. Check her out putting in work and giving us a colorful '80s vibe.

GFM logo black 2017

#GiftGrown: GFM's Certified Gift Giving Guide 2015


Hey Growns, we are back with a list of artists who released albums THIS YEAR (2015) to let you know where to lay to ears and spend your grown currency. Did you know that new music, new GROWN FOLKS Music abounds? We're here to put you up on game. Don't get disgusted. Get Grown. Gift Grown!

In addition, this year Grown Folks Music had the pleasure of speaking with many of the artists on this list. (Check out our interviews).

*The GFM Disclaimer: this list is NOT all inclusive. We know there's some artists/albums we've missed. This list is just to guide you in the right direction as you consider giving the gift of music to someone or even yourself this Christmas.

Jazmine Sullivan: Reality Show

Johnny Gill: Game Changer

Avant: The VII (The Eighth)

Case: Heaven's Door

Brian Courtney Wilson: Worth Fighting For

Lyfe Jennings: Tree Of Lyfe

Tyrese Gibson: Black Rose

Russell Taylor: War Of Hearts

Angie Stone: Dream

Tamar Braxton: Calling All Lovers

Vivian Green: Vivid

Tamia: Love Life

Jeff Bradshaw: Home: Jeff Bradshaw and Friends: Live at the Kimmel Center

Allen Stone: Radius

Janet Jackson: Unbreakable

Kenny Lattimore: Anatomy Of A Love Song

Raheem DeVaughn: Love Sex Passion

All Cows Eat Grass: Self Help

Bilal: In Another Life

Charlie Wilson: Forever Charlie

Hiatus Kaiyote: Choose Your Weapon

Teedra Moses: Cognac & Conversation

Adele: 25

Jodeci: The Past, The Present, The Future

Jose James: Yesterday I Had The Blues

Marshall Knights: The Marshall Knights Experience

Lalah Hathaway: Lalah Hathaway Live!

Maysa: Back 2 Love

ConFunkShun: More Than Love

Monica: Code Red (12/18/2015)

The Internet: Ego Death

Babyface: Return Of The Tender Lover

Jef Kearns: Soulfisticated

Foreign Exchange:Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey

Will Downing:Chocolate Drops

Carmen Rodgers: Stargazer

Jill Scott: Woman

Prince: HITNRUN Phase One

Black Violin: Stereotypes

Vivian Green

GFM Spotlight Interview: Vivian Green Talks Vivid, Feeling Blessed Instead of Underrated & the #IAmDifferentIAmHuman Campaign


Grown Folks Music caught up with Vivian Green to talk about her new album, Vivid, her thoughts on being labeled "underrated" and her advocacy campaign for people with special needs called #IAmDifferentIAmHuman. Read and enjoy.

GFM: Vivid sounds bright and upbeat. Is that a reflection of where you are in your life right now?

VG: It is, but it's not like a new thing so I don't want people to think that. I've been in this place for quite some time now. So yes, but that album isn't supposed to be a statement of it necessarily, if that makes sense. I've been a good place for a minute-- for some years now actually-- so I don't want people to think that this has just happened, because it did not. [laughs]

GFM Why did you choose to name it Vivid without there being a song called "Vivid" [on the album]?

VG: Album titles aren't necessarily album tracks and like you said, the word is a total reflection of what the album sounds like so I thought it was perfect. The fact that Vivid and Vivian share the same root and pretty much mean a similar thing... [they] pretty much mean the same thing actually... I thought it was a nice little play on words that way.

GFM: I noticed that on one of the songs, "Count Your Blessings", you address being labeled as "underrated". Talk about that.

VG: It's something that I don't like. I understand that fans mean well and have ideas of where they think I should be or what they think I should have in their heads. I appreciate the gesture, but I don't feel that way. I feel like whatever is for me is for me. I'm a very blessed person and that's the only way that I'll ever see it. So when people say that it's like, 'Well I'm actually very grateful for what I have.' Some people who want to sing for a living never get a chance to do it. Here I am 12 years later releasing my fifth album, so I think I have a whole lot to be grateful for. I don't run other people's races. I'm not this super-competitive person. I really look at things gratefully honestly. That's the best way I can explain how I feel about it. I feel really blessed and really grateful to still have a career in music, and to have ever had one in the first place. That's how I see it, but fans often see it a different way. I wrote that song for them so they can know that I don't feel that way [laughs].

GFM: How do you feel you've evolved over your career [as an artist]?

VG: I wrote most of my first album when 18, 19 and 20 years old. I was very young. I don't even necessarily consider that an adult. I was a young girl purging about my first love. A lot of people really loved my first album that sold 600,000 copies and it did very well for me, [but] I am not that girl... far from it actually. I'm a grown woman now. My music has changed because I write things from my life, and the things that were going on in my life at that time are no longer going on. So, it's gonna change my music... incredibly actually... and I think a lot of people have not accepted that. But nonetheless, here I am still.

GFM: Do you feel like represent the Philly Soul legacy and all that comes out of that great city musically?

VG: I think I'm a part of it. Represent is probably a title that I wouldn't want because the minute you do something that someone thinks does not fall under that box, then I'm selling out not staying true to myself supposedly, because that's what somebody else thinks. I don't want to say that I represent it. I think that I'm a part of it and I think every artist from Philly is a part of it. I think every artist from Philly should have the right to interpret music the way that they see fit and not have the pressure of being like someone else. That's something that I feel like I've struggled with in my career as well. I'm gonna always be me. I'm not gonna write songs thinking about Philadelphia. As much as I love Philly and artists from Philly, I don't do that. I write songs thinking about my life and what I want to say.... and I am an artist from Philly.

GFM: Talk about your #IAmDifferentIAmHuman PSA campaign.

VG: I'm the mother of the a special needs child. He was born with an unknown syndrome. He's 11 years old. He was supposed to die within a week of being here and he's still alive and he's amazing. He's proved so many physicians wrong that thought his outcome would be different. One of the things that I've experienced as his mother is the public's reaction to him. They notice his differences and sometimes it's not always nice. Most times people are really nice, but a lot of times children, small children in particular, have a very raw reaction. The I Am Different, I Am Human campaign is about building awareness for the 57 million people who suffer from a special need or disability in the United States and ultimately getting it implemented in early childhood education so children are taught and they don't experience it for the first time in public and have this raw reaction because no one ever told them until they came across someone who's different.  I feel that if the children that we encounter often were taught at an earlier age, then they would have a different reaction. Just smile and say 'Hello'. They're people too. Many people in the special needs community have amazing contributions to society and live great lives despite whatever illness or differences they might have and they should never be looked at as anything besides human beings. That's what I Am Different, I Am Human is all about.

GFM: What's your definition of Grown Folks Music?

VG: It all sounds different. Grown Folks Music is now Puff Daddy and Mase. Or, it could be Frankie Beverly and Maze... or it could be Ella Fitzgerald... or it could be Donna Summer. It's anything that someone who is an adult now listened to when they were a kid. When that generation grows up... then that's Grown Folks Music.

Vivid, Vivian Green's current album, is out NOW. Get it here

Enjoy the video for her hit lead single, "Get Right Back To My Baby"

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Vivian Green GRBTMB Remix Cover

#NewMusic Vivian Green feat. Jamar Jones "Get Right Back (Lovers Remix)"

Vivian Green has taken us back to the go old days when a remix really was a remix. Check this "Blue Light" treatment to her certified cookout jam "Get Right Back To My Baby" feat. Jamar Jones on keys.

P.S. Go ahead hit the download button to add to your personal playlist.

Vivian Green GRBTMB Single Cover

The Making of "Get Right Back To My Baby"

Vivian Green & producer Kwamè discuss how they battled to make her hit single "Get Right Back To My Baby"