“In Between Times” is the brand new single from drummer/songwriter/producer/vocalist James “Biscuit” Rouse.

After a listen I was immediately drawn to the expert casting of the drums as not only the drive but at moments the driver on the song once we reach the instrumental break and out vamp. This positioning is not overstated in the least bit and it makes total sense when you consider Rouse’s body of work as the current musical director for Vivian Green and Syleena Johnson. Rouse also was the drummer of choice for Lauryn Hill for six years and has also held the drums down for many luminaries including Chic, Vernon Reid, Bilal and Kindred The Family Soul.

You see there’s a certain type of knowledge and care when you understand the music from both the inside(composer) and the outside(performer) and when you’ve been placed in a position as a musical director you are controlling the mood of the music as well as the performance mood of the musicians. These skills are on full display on “In Between Times”. This is a song that encapsulates the tenor of these times expertly through the sound and story. A soundscape for contemplation, a companion for the walk, run or favorite chair to look out and within.

“In Between Times” out now through NIA DISTRIBUTION available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all digital outlets.