#Growns we’re excited to bring you this new collaboration between two artists that we consider friends to GFM: Tracy Cruz and Brandon Williams. “Keep Our Soul Alive” has provided one of those much-needed water cooler moments at GFM HQ where the conversation about the music is as much about the story as it is about the sound. You can certainly infer from that last statement that we believe that Tracy Cruz and Brandon Williams got it right because what’s most evident is the balance.

Oftentimes collaborations can be lopsided. The music can overshadow the message or vice-versa. Another scenario that can occur when the third party to the creation(the messenger)either has no room to weave their story or the production is so personality driven that no thought was given to even create a story to tell. I know that’s a wild thought, but that’s definitely not what’s going on here. Tracy Cruz has (to coin a phrase) opened up a window into her soul and she could not have enlisted a better musical imagineer than Brandon Williams to score this glimpse of life Tracy has provided us.


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