Wanted to drop some new goodness on you family members for this Tuesday… this is the type of track that we talk about here at GFM HQ all the time so when it shows up in the inbox and you press play and realize that the same type of conversations surrounding music are occurring at the same time and the end result is something like “Stronger” the only thing you can do is smile and press play again and perhaps again.

That’s my only litmus test these days… I don’t care what anyone else says and I run like a wild banshee from hype machines, but if I press play on a tune and I want to hear it again and again that’s all I care about. “Stronger” had me at the intro and with an infectious hook and a vocal delivery by Jean Baylor that is par excellence I can only provide kudos all the way round to Grammy Nominated Producer Brandon Williams on this creation. In this landscape where far too many place upon themselves the title of “producer” it is so great to hear music from someone who you can tell has earned the title… the music always let’s you know and “Stronger” for me, is a return to everything that our great tradition of music used to be about: Great melodies, stories, arrangements and often you can only reside in that realm when you respect the muse and her music everyone who worked on “Stronger” certainly does.

“Stronger” is the debut single from “XII” the forthcoming album from Brandon Williams.