#Growns Last month we were excited to bring you the sound of Swedish Grammy nominated artist Janice. Well, Janice is back with a new track and video from her debut album Fallin Up which was just released last Friday. So you could kind of say we’re on the ground floor early or perhaps even better we’re on the table late at night with this one. You see as #Growns the sentiment in “You Only Say You Love Me In The Dark” is one that I believe many of us can relate to.

Further… the emotive nature of the lyrics and vocal are animated with what I often deem as life realness in the visual. Taking an honest assessment there may have been a time or two that you wanted to get on a table and move some things around, like furniture which is what the older folks would sometimes refer to. Janice is singing and doing what some may have imagined in their mind and didn’t have the words to say or the courage to stand. Accountability. Say what you mean and mean what you say both in the light and the dark is what I’m hearing from Janice. Is that too much to ask?

Press play.