Mike Blankenship
“I Can’t Help It” Mike Blankenship feat. Sy Smith

“I Can’t Help It” by Mike Blankenship feat. Sy Smith is a prime example of what our “Cover Me” Sundays Series is all about. This re imagining(and astute re harmonization) of the Stevie penned MJ recorded classic provides all the elements(a forward looking arrangement that pays homage to the original, heartfelt and soulful performances and an undeniable groove) that build the perfect bridge over the gap of generations and music.

Quite honestly what’s been put down here couldn’t wait until Sunday because it’s too hot to sit on. You see this is one the #Growns need to start the weekend off right with. What followers of this site often don’t see is what we go through on the daily here at GFM HQ. We get a lot of music in the inbox that yeah… but when the email came through introducing this track and Mike Blankenship with a Sy Smith co-sign(we’ve been rocking w/Sy for a minute), performance and all of that, it was an instant play.

Now of course as you should be well aware there are a few of us ’round here who are Stevie and MJologists so in that nanosecond before pressing play there was the flash of thought that pianist/keyboardist, songwriter and producer Mike Blankenship is taking on one of the cuts, you know the cuts? You see it is often an accepted thought for many a music head that whereas Thriller is MJ’s most popular work, Off The Wall is hands down his best album with you know – the cuts and the cut that stands above the rest for many? “I Can’t Help It”. I mean how could it not be coming from the pen of Stevie and Susaye Greene.

All that you need to know or that needs to be said before pressing play if you have any reservations, there’s no need because Mike Blankenship and Sy Smith do the daggone thing on this right here. This is what music sounds like and we are all here for it and you should be too!

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