“Cover Me” Sundays(Influencer Edition) – “I’m In Love”/”I Can’t Describe”

We take a look back at this post from 2014 that delves into the influence of the sound of Kashif on Jennifer Hudson's 2014 release "I Can't Describe" produced by Pharrell.

Cover Me Sundays: Justin Lee Schultz – “Do I Do”

First things first, I'm not super precious about a lot of things. However, I'm very precious about covering certain artists. Stevie Wonder is on that Mount Rushmore of artists that you better come well equipped before taking on their catalog.

Cover Me Sundays: “No One In The World”

Great songs demand to be covered. That is the central tenet of the Cover Me Sundays series. "No One In The World" written by Ken Hirsch and Marti Sharron not only demanded to be covered but it also faced a similar fate as a number of songs that have been covered.

Cover Me Sundays: Hil St. Soul – “Heaven Must Be Like This”

We could all use a place of happiness and peace right about now. The foundational beauty that is "Heaven Must Be Like This" pulls you in from the first note. While honoring the original Hil St. Soul also bring a uniqueness as the song continues to unfold. That is truly the mark of producing a great cover.

Cover Me Sundays: “Baby Can I Hold You”

Yes after the decade that was 2020, we are definitely on the path to be on the Good Foot for the entirety of '21. You know the entire year that has been the first week or so of 2021? Listen, let's cut to the proverbial chase - this series has been around and then it hasn't but then it has... you get the picture. But please get the picture that this is not some sort of new endeavor for us...

Chris Jasper – “For The Love Of You”

Today being Mr. Jasper's birthday we thought it nothing less than apropos to post his timeless classic written during his tenure with the legendary Isley Brothers - "For The Love Of You". This soothing re-imagining of a classic from the composer himself is the calm we need to listen to in the 2020 storm.

“Cover Me” Christmas Sundays: Justin-Lee Schultz “This Christmas” w/Sister & Drummer Jaime Leigh Schultz( Also a special surprise gift inside the post)

Musical prodigy Justin-Lee Schultz along with his sister and drummer Jaime Leigh Schultz have given this series here at GFM exactly what it needed "This Christmas" a great cover of a composition co-written and performed by the Terra Firma of Grown Folks Music Donny Hathaway.

Cover Me Sundays Grown Folks Music

“Cover Me” Sundays – “That’s The Way Of The World”

This is definitely one of those "sent to us..." posts that reminds of us why we do what we do

#CoverMeSundays: Chris Jasper “Nothing Can Change This Love”

#Growns check out our featured #CoverMe from Chris Jasper of the Sam Cooke classic "Nothing Can Change This Love". This single is from Chris Jasper's latest project "For The Love Of You" in which he goes back to the catalogue of songs he wrote for the Isleys to put a new spin on some of the group's biggest hits and also lends his unique soulful sound to some other R&B and Pop classics.