#Growns please take some time out of your day, week, to check out the latest single from GFM Fave Sy Smith entitled “Camelot”. From the live clip above you should be able to tell that Sy’s ethereal vocals and emotive delivery places the listener in a wonderful and warm dreamstate.

According to Sy “Whether one associates the word [Camelot] with King Arthur, the Broadway musical or the Kennedy era in American history, we all know that ‘Camelot’ is not a real place but a realm of a fairy tale,” Sy says. “The same goes for the character in the song. She’s experiencing a relationship that only exists in her mind. Yet it’s very real to her and plays out beautifully as she envisions it. In real life, the man she is singing to and about has no idea…but as I sing, ‘it wants to take flight.’

I’m sure that many of you reading this have experienced your own versions of “Camelot”. This is life music, relatable, universal, heartfelt and honest. The recommendation here is to press play, take it all in and share with friends.

Sy will be headlining more dates in support of “Camelot” and ‘Sometimes a Rose Will Grow In Concrete’ starting on September 30 in Austin, TX. Her current schedule includes November dates in NYC (11/2) and Annapolis, MD (11/20), a week on the Capital Jazz SuperCruise in January (17-24) and February shows in Baltimore (2/8) and at Blues Alley in Washington, DC (2/9-10).

Camelot” from Sy Smith’s Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete out now!

Sy Smith tour info https://bnds.us/rpj52v