Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.

Now Playing/Visuals: Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R.: “Best Part”. We’ve actually enjoyed this song for a while now– every since we heard it on Caesar’s debut album, Freudian. Both Caesar and H.E.R., respectively, are getting more exposure on urban and “grown folks/old school” radio, and we feel that’s necessary and deserved at the same time.  It helps to chip away at the myth that everything this new generation of artists put out is garbage.

Click on it and enjoy the audio and visual ethereal goodness of “Best Part”– “A gorgeous beachside affair, the captivating split-screen clip depicts each respective vocalist walking along the water. The sun glistens off the sand as the voices entwine despite the distance. Dreamy acoustic guitar resounds as Caesar’s voice carries off into the horizon and H.E.R. simply hypnotizes as she maintains her signature mystery throughout the clip. It’s a cinematic exposition worthy of the song’s luscious and lovelorn emotionality.