Anthony David finally made the album that so many have urged him to make for years; a heartfelt tribute to Bill Withers. “Lovely Day,” is the first official single, from David’s forthcoming Bill Withers tribute album, Hello Like Before .

The classic feel-good song was originally written by Bill Withers and Skip Scarborough in 1977 and released on Withers’ Menagerie album in 1978.

While “Lovely Day” has been covered and sampled numerous times, this new rendition channels Withers’ spirit, but with a few contemporary updates. Like Withers, David plays the acoustic guitar and has a warm, resonant voice that imparts an earthy sincerity to his music; so much so that he has often been labeled as his generation’s Bill Withers. “In many ways Bill Withers is the artist most influential to my music career,” confides Anthony David. “Lovely Day is a favorite of the songs recorded for Hello Like Before because it’s that classic feel-good song that starts off your day. Although it was written over 40 years ago, it still makes you feel good every time you hear it.”