When I was 10 years old, I remember hearing Miki Howard singing this incredible song called “Imagination”. At the time, I didn’t know the tune was a cover from back in the 40’s but truthfully it really didn’t matter. I was completely in love with the strength of her voice and the melodic melancholy she brought with each note – reminiscent of her idol, Billie Holiday. To me, even at my young age, Miki’s voice was timeless and always carried a distinctive statement.

In hearing Miki’s new single, “He Saw Beyond My Faults”, I have to say that I have some mixed emotions. While I’m all for going back to your gospel roots, I just didn’t hear Miki “at her best” and I was a bit disappointed because I am a huge fan of this woman’s voice. The chosen song is a classic gospel staple and with such a selection, I was truly hoping to hear the vocal landscape and power Miki is known to present. Despite the setback, I still stand as a supporter of Ms. Howard and look forward to hearing once again the voice and talent that has always inspired my “imagination”.