“You know what the difference is between a dream and a goal?… A plan.”

― Jodi Picoult, Lone Wolf

Boston native SuCh didn’t have much of a plan originally, when it came to music, but the 2010 earthquake in Haiti changed all of that. She left her job as a registered nurse, putting her boots in the ground, alongside family members and other responders to the tragic natural disaster. Before then, singing was a dream, something she did in church or with her family. Sure, she’d spent time at Grammy Camp and entertained the idea of being a professional then, but her parents had different goals for her. She set her dreams to the side, picked up a degree in exercise science, becoming a physical therapist and later a nurse. However, surrounded by the destruction in Haiti and seeing firsthand the fragility of life, she set a plan in motion to change her dreams to goals.

Music became a priority and she accepted the challenge head on, diving into the process, writing songs, meeting producers, strengthening her craft. Finally, at the behest of friends, she auditioned for “American Idol” in 2011 and made it to the famed “Hollywood Week” before being eliminated. Undeterred by her ouster, she was renewed and more determined than ever to have her voice heard, so she recorded her 2012 debut album Stretch Marks. Playing off her fascination with scars, she named titled album as such because “…stretch marks are born out of growth in a short period of time,” and that was indicative of her state of being over that two year period.
She’d left her job, become a mother, been a force on a top-rated singing program and released an album, she was telling her story. Chasing her dreams to goals until they became reality, as an example to her son, a confirmation of her faith in herself. Now, at peace and more in love with herself than ever, she’s released “Sugar Maple”, a breezy tune about the sweetness of love. Another labor of love, “Sugar Maple” is the lead single of an album that she’s halfway through recording and hoping to release before the first quarter of 2014 ends. She promises to be more intimate this time around, show more of her vulnerabilities and be multidimensional, drawing inspiration from her experiences.

And what an experience 2013 has been! SuCh has caught the acting bug and landed the role of “Celie” in a regional production of The Color Purple and landed a Henry Award (Colorado Theatre Guild) for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. Not bad for a her first time out; acting has added a new dimension to her artistry and opened doors she hadn’t conceived existed (yet). But most importantly, it’s lent to the skills she uses to overcome obstacles and continue pressing forward as an underdog, the position she’s come to embrace because she loves what challenges instill in her. These days, those challenges include raising her son, finishing her album and working on two plays. Sounds like Plans A-C are taken care of.

For more information, music and upcoming tour dates, visit www.iamsuch.com and for a more personal touch visit her on Facebook (Facebook.com/thisissuch) and follow her on Twitter (@iamsuch).

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