A timely message from Mask Munkeys that features Tann & Andy Alemany.

When you reduce it all down to the real need that we all have as humans it’s love. Often, the most simple tasks are made the most complex. What is apparent here on “Love” from Mask Munkeys is the release that can happen as the dance occurs and you move in time to the message. Often a message is more impactful as you hear it while you move.

The suggestion that I would make is to not wait on some magical date that the world opens, but to listen and dance right where you are. Love is not only what we give to others, but just as important is the gift of love that we give ourselves. You don’t need any permission to dance and love on yourself. Aren’t you glad that you have some music to inspire you to do that?

“Love” from Mask Munkeys feat. Tann & Alemany out now.