Louis York, one of our faves here at GFM has just dropped an inspiring and compelling visual for their latest release “Don’t You Forget”. When I first listened to the song (before viewing the visual) I was immediately struck by how Louis York instantly made me remember how great music can sound when in the proper hands.

I’m a child of the eighties. That’s when I started to listen more intently and started to play with some hope of being able to play and write music in the future. As those of you who experienced that era in real time can attest, even though there were plenty of electronic renderings of acoustic instrumentation afoot, somewhere in the mix was a horn solo or full on horn section, guitar, bass or what have you co-existing with a Fairlight or Synclavier.

“Don’t You Forget” puts me right in that sweet spot of sounds like The System, Michael McDonald or many of the numerous soulful sounds that married with the infectious pop-sensibilities of writers like David Foster, Jay Graydon et al.

No, music didn’t go anywhere but when I hear songs like “Don’t You Forget” from Louis York I feel like I should roll out the red carpet and welcome her back.

“Don’t You Forget” from Louis York out now!

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