#Growns we starting this #ThirstyThursday off with a relevant relatable bop from a great friend to GFM Sydney Ranee‘. What I have always loved and appreciated about Sydney work is that in the performance and in the craft of song, the song is placed at the centerpiece.

What I mean by that statement is that we’ve been in an era for a longtime where the song is subservient to its accompaniment i.e. the track. Not here on “Drink With You”, this story could be wrapped in any accompaniment and still serve in the top shelf manner that it was created.

“Drink With You” was written and co-produced by Sydney Ranee’ with David Tam and Max MacVeety weighing in on production duties as well. Sydney Ranee has always been what I deem a no excuses artist. No excuses in the sense that you have no excuse in not riding and vibing with her if you ride and vibe with us. No she’s not on a retro nostalgia throwback tip, her style is classic in the sense that she knows how to craft a song and how to perform… she is a true performing artist in every sense of the word(just check out her gig calendar).

So I want you to let “Drink With You” rock for you and some of your closest two or three hundred friends on this Thursday and keep that energy going on through the weekend so that we can start this movement of support in earnest for Sydney Ranee’