Now Playing: Louis York: No Regrets Feat. The Shindellas

Louis York The Shindellas No Regrets

Now Playing: Louis York featuring The Shindellas: “No Regrets”

Louis York knows how to hit that musical sweet spot with consistency. The band is masterful at channeling a familiar sound and feeling in its music while presenting freshness. Add to that the writing skills of Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly and you have what we call good music. There are so many artists out here in these musical streets vying for the ears of the people. Louis York is the proverbial cream that rises to the top. In a word, the music is right. Even if it isn’t your usual vibe, it’s hard not to dig it because it’s hard not to dig musicianship. It’s like a new food you may not have had an inclination to try. But, because you know the person who made it is a good cook, you’re willing to try it and you’re bound to like it… or at least appreciate it.

We like and appreciate “No Regrets”. It gives us the feel good vibes of the ’80s pop/r&b hybrid sound that laced tunes like Ms. Patti LaBelle’s “New Attitude”, The Pointer Sisters’ “Neutron Dance” and Luther Vandross’ “Stop To Love”– so much so we could’ve sworn that “No Regrets was hot off the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. That’s the sound– but don’t forget we told you about writing chops. The message is one for right now. Check out some of the lyrics

We were not sent to this world
To be cold and afraid in the dark
If you’re having a hard time feeling free
Then you gon’ love this part
I want the world to know
You don’t have to be alone
So love anyone you want

Click on it and enjoy the full song.

Kimberly Kennedy Charles

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Now Playing: Louis York “Slow Motion” (Reimagined)


Now Playing: “Slow Motion” (Reimagined) by Louis York. “Slow Motion” originally appears on Louis York’s debut EP Masterpiece Theater: Act I. Now, the group has “reimagined” the song and captured the essence of the way it presents the song live. We feel a country vibe, and just like some of the best country songs, this song is centered in its “from-the-heart-and-soul” lyrics. “Slow Motion” is about relishing a relationship that could end at any given or unannounced moment.

I don’t wanna waste no time
While I have you in my life
Can we make a memory
Something I can hold on to
‘Cause in the blinking of an eye
I know all of this can die
So baby let me savor
Every single day with you
I wanna move in…
Slow motion… Slow motion

A song that relies on the weight of its words and not the beat is hard to find sometimes in today’s music. We believe that is the true test of a solid song– that no matter the arrangement– the message remains in tact and still makes an impact. Chuck Harmony’s piano playing, Claude Kelly’s vocal delivery and that bit of emotional guitar near the end are the cherry and whip cream on top.

It moves the heart and pleases the ears. Press play and if this feels good to you, then consider catching Louis York live at one of the duo’s upcoming show dates: Los Angeles (4/19), Nashville (5/31), Atlanta (June 18), and New Orleans (July 5-8).

Kimberly Kennedy Charles

I have questions. Artists have answers.

GFM Spotlight Video Interview: Louis York Talks Freedom, Creativity, Craft & Connectivity in Music


Good music is still around. Sometimes you have to look under rocks to find it. Or sometimes, which is often times for us at Grown Folks Music, we’re exposed to somewhat decent music regularly. But, that’s the thing– it’s just alright. There’s potential there, but it feels like something is missing. We like it… but we don’t LOVE it.

So, when complete artistry comes around these parts we get excited. For example, we were excited about the Dirty Loops as a band and that same type of excitement immediately swept through the GFM HQ when we were sent the music of Louis York.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the work of Louis York is so complete is that separately Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly were writing and producing some of the biggest songs in the world for some of the biggest artists in the world. They know how to make music. Together as Louis York their work is a creative and genre bending/blending kaleidescope. It’s all over the place, but what makes it complete and cohesive is the fact that at the center of everything they do is craftsmanship, thought, care and musicianship. Friends, that is the funk artists cannot fake no matter how “different” they claim the music to be. Louis York can be different, or “weird” as the call themselves because they’re that good as musicians.

Grown Folks Music caught up with Louis York right after the group’s intimate performance at Atlanta’s Music Room and they talked to us about how the group came to be and what the musical purpose and mission is. Enjoy the interview!

Louis York from Grown Folks Music on Vimeo.

Also, just in time for the holiday season, Louis York has released “What Does Christmas Mean?” featuring The Shindellas, who they mention in the interview and who are under Louis York’s Weirdo Workshop Imprint. Check it out!

Kimberly Kennedy Charles

I have questions. Artists have answers.