Grown Folks Music caught up to TJ Jackson. Jackson is the youngest member of the group 3T alongside his older brothers Taj and Taryll.  Well, baby brother is older now and he’s embarked upon a journey as a solo artist.

We talked about his maturity both as an artist and person, hint: he’s GROWN, his smoking-hot music and video debut with “Insomnia”, his intention of making new music with a ’90s R&B feel and what it was like to “return the favor” to his father, Tito Jackson, by contributing to his solo album.

In addition, Jackson spoke about why he chose Nashville to create his music and speaking of ’90s R&B– if his friend Al B. Sure! is involved with his new project. He also shared the intent behind the foundation he and his brothers created in honor of their mother Dee Dee Jackson and of course he gave us his definition of Grown Folks Music.

Enjoy the video.