Let’s Play

#Growns I know that I can’t repeat myself enough on this point so I’ll keep going. Justin Lee Schultz who late last year released his debut album Gruv Kid is all the proof that we need that when the young grown listen to the right music they get the message and bring their own exuberance to the forefront.

Applause Reaction Push

First things first, I’m not super precious about a lot of things. However, I’m very precious about covering certain artists. Stevie is on that Mount Rushmore of artists that you better come well equipped before taking on their catalog. Let’s give the credit where the credit is due and hit that applause reaction button on your computer for Justin and this assembled cast of wonderful musicians!

Justin-Lee Schultz….Piano/ Talkbox
Jamie-Leigh Schultz…Drums, Video Editor
Brandon Rose.. Bass Guitar
Chris George… Guitar
Mitch Lawrence… Baritone Sax
Nolan Plunkett… Trombone
Johnny Cochran… Tenor Sax
Daniel Spearman… Trumpet, Horn Section Arranger
Steve Johnson…Keys, Programmer, Arranger, Horn Arranger, Producer

Something New To The Party

What I truly appreciate about this cover of “Do I Do” is that there is a built-in fearlessness which is no easy task considering how iconic of a song and artist that is being covered on “Do I Do”. New colors and accents abound here. It’s like the equivalent of taking the music beautiful Victorian Mansion and adding just the right amount of splashes here and there to maintain the grandeur of that particular era but have the newness of this era. Serious musical kudos to all.

Play and Play..

From 1982’s Original Musiquarium “Do I Do” is undeniable musical magic. I often have to remind myself that when I was a kid this is some of what popular music sounded like. This was a Bridging The Gap masterpiece with the maestro Dizzy Gillespie appearing on solo trumpet. That was a window into Bebop for me and I’m sure many others. “Do I Do” is a joyous song, a real celebration on record. I’m not sure even at this date some almost forty years after its initial release do we fully appreciate the gift that Stevie Wonder imparted on us with this composition.