#Growns it is most crucial not only at this moment but at ever moment to embrace love. Saxophonist/Vocalist Jason Peterson DeLaire is giving us some wonderful and uplifting musical moments of love on his latest single release “Love Can Heal The World”. As we know love is to be shared and in that spirit Jason has invited some friends (who are no strangers to GFM) along to help spread the love: Oleta Adams, Jarrod Lawson and Rockie Robbins In addition to the release of the single, Jason and Vanessa DeLaire (siblings) have partnered with Rock The Cause, a registered 501c3 non-profit based in the Twin Cities to further spread the message of love and healing. For more information, links are provided below.

From The Press Release

Jason Peterson DeLaire, a member of the 3rd generation of Minnesota’s First Family of Music and Prince Alumni, releases heartfelt new single, “Love Can Heal the World”, featuring Oleta Adams, Jarrod Lawson, and Rockie Robbins, with co-production by Ricky Peterson (Fleetwood Mac, Prince, David Sanborn).

Love Can Heal the World was inspired by the civil unrest in Minneapolis during the summer of 2020. This song is a response to North Minneapolis resident and community member, Vanessa Peterson DeLaire asking, “What can we do to help our city heal?”. The song was written and performed by Vanessa’s brother, Jason Peterson DeLaire. The song features Grammy nominated, Oleta Adams, R&B legend, Rockie Robbins and international soul sensation, Jarrod Lawson. Love Can Heal the World also features The Steeles, the Capri Glee! Choir and the Peterson Family. Ricky Peterson (Fleetwood Mac, Prince, George Benson) co-produced the song with Jason and also played keyboards.

Support the movement

-Link to Rock the Cause 501c3:
-Link to Go Fund Me: https://bit.ly/3hpPiAa

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