#Growns you already know. I can say that with all the confidence in the world because there are some artists who continually set the bar and without a doubt Frank McComb is one of those artists without a doubt.

Frank’s latest “No Matter What” is a true family affair with Frank’s son Frank McComb, II (SkinnyKidFrank) produced the track! Here at GFM we’re also excited to hear that the initial word on the street is that people are calling “No Matter What” a “Grown Man’s Anthem”. We can dig it and we hope you will dig it too!

Press play below and tell a few thousand of your closest friends!

From the press release…

“Touching on my urban r&b roots, I decided to have my son produce a song with me. This is our first collaboration for me as a recording artist. “No Matter What” is about a mature man who’s competing to win the heart and attention of his love interest, but she happens to be interested in a relationship with an immature man who’s not interest in being in a relationship with her.”

Drum programming by SkinnyKidFrank
All other instruments by Frank McComb
All vocals by Frank McComb

Produced by SkinnyKidFrank

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