This is definitely one of those “sent to us…” posts that reminds of us why we do what we do. On one of our first BTG(Bridging The Gap)Podcast episodes I proclaimed that this song could be a top contender for a Grown Folks Music Anthem. A few short weeks later friend to GFM Sydney Ranee’sent this over and there was no way that this great and inspired performance would not make our “Cover Me” series.

Sydney states “…These past few weeks have been rough with everything going on but I do believe we are slowly starting to see a change.
I decided to cover “That’s The Way Of The World” by Earth Wind and Fire for a few reasons:
1. They’re my favorite band.
2. My Auntie Avia always played this song.
3. The lyrics contain a message that is still much needed today.”

Yes, yes and yes.

The Elements…