Great songs demand to be covered. That is the central tenet of the Cover Me Sundays series. “No One In The World” written by Ken Hirsch and Marti Sharron not only demanded to be covered but it also faced a similar fate as a number of songs that have been covered.

What Do You Mean Anita’s Version Wasn’t First?

Some of you might have been wondering why the iconic Spike Lee directed video for Anita Baker’s fourth single from Rapture is at the top of post. Yes, we usually post the cover and then the original below. That’s what we’re doing today. “No One In The World” was recorded and released first by Dionne Warwick on her 1985 release Finder Of Lost Loves(in fact it is the first song in the album sequence). “No One In The World” shows up again(as the last song in the album sequence) on Dionne’s 1987 release Reservations For Two which features her duet with our sorely missed friend to GFM Kashif on the album title cut.

Same Song, Different Flavors

As it should be. Dionne’s version is classic Dionne: a Bossa Nova rhythmic underpinning and the lyric delivered with all the cosmopolitan cool that is her staple. Anita’s version the tempo clicks down a bit and locks in to a classic R&B feel. Anita delivers the lyric here in a more legato feel laying back on the beat. Notably on Anita’s version is the production duties being helmed by co-writer Marti Sharron along with Gary Skardina. Another tie that binds to Dionne’s original is the presence of Greg Phillinganes‘ keyboard work on both versions.

Both Sides Now

Unfortunately what happens too often on these internet streets is what I like to call the bite of the binary. You know the binary: the either/or, the this/that. But not here on GFM, we believe in and embrace the yes and… It is our hope that if you weren’t familiar with the original release of “No One In The World” from Dionne Warwick becomes part of a yes/and with “No One In The World” from Anita Baker.

Enjoy this performance from 1987 of “No One In The World” from Dionne Warwick