#Growns since the inception of this series I don’t think we’ve ever had a post as special as this one. The long running mantra of “Cover Me Sundays” is a great song begs to be covered, because it’s just that good. Today not only do we have a great cover of the Sam Cooke classic “Nothing Can Change This Love” but it is from none other than Chris Jasper, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee who was an integral member of The Isley Brothers during their super-successful run of hits and albums from 1973’s 3+3 to 1983’s Between The Sheets.

Please know that many of your favorite tunes from the Isley canon were penned by Mr. Jasper three of which are contained in his latest project
For The Love Of You(out tomorrow June 1st) which today’s featured song is culled from.

There is a stated beauty from the solo vocal pickup on “Nothing Can Change This Love” it truly grabs your attention and then you are immediately locked in once the downbeat hits. The arrangement takes its time to build from there. There is plenty of space here for each instrument and vocal to shine. But in the simplest of terms this cover just feels good, it’s all about the feel. Knowing that music is a healing force, what more could you ask for than the opportunity to listen and feel better after the experience.

For The Love Of You is Chris Jasper’s 16th solo album since 1988. Having listened to the entire set, For The Love Of You is tailor made for the listener who appreciates the craftsmanship of a great song and the subtlety and nuance of masterful arrangements. Mr. Jasper goes back to the catalogue of songs he wrote for the Isleys to put a new spin on some of the group’s biggest hits during this gold and platinum period, including “I Once Had Your Love,” “Go For What You Know,” and the title track “For the Love of You.” as well as some other R&B and Pop evergreens. Whilst we’re on the subject of that imitable sound that Mr. Jasper crafted for the Isleys might I be so bold as to say that to these ears it is a cornerstone of what we identify as the Grown Folks sound. For that and so much else, we thank you Mr. Jasper.

#Growns you know what we need you to do. Tell a friend or two thousand about the latest from Chris Jasper For The Love Of You out tomorrow June 1, 2020!

The Sam Cooke orignal of “Nothing Can Change This Love”