Press Play

If you have a spare 2:38 (which I know you do) take some time out today to view this latest visual offering from Lalah Hathaway. This combination of an introspective aural story and striking visual should result in a compelling conversation. “Honestly” is putting it all on the table, the difficult conversation, the truth of what one has endured and how one really feels.

The Mirror Has Many Faces

I can only speculate that the mirror that Lalah Hathaway is using here in this video represents a metaphor of the relationship that many people of different races, ethnicities and the like endure when their eyes are open to their treatment in this country. What’s poignant to me is that the indictment is not one of conjecture or hearsay but one of the real-time images from flashpoint events. The pen is certainly mightier than the sword but the unedited camera does not filter out the truth. Truth is, it takes real courage and conviction for an artist to bring this type of message to the forefront. It’s incredibly inspiring when an artist chooses to explore multiple layers of the human experience within a production.

Let’s Work

So here’s a thought… let’s not do what happens with a lot of content these days, you know the whole here today gone today. If each one of us could take the time within our circle of influence to discuss and debate what Lalah Hathaway has posited here I believe that could be of a great benefit to the overall dialogue. I think it is important to hear from a myriad of voices as to how they process the images, their feelings on how they relate to the storyline and as a collective work toward some takeaways and action steps. This is important work quite “Honestly”.