Yes, so this happened… I won’t spoil the experience for you but I had to share. First things first, let me go ahead and provide you with a link to the podcast episode. Yes, you do have to be a Pandora user to listen, there’s a free version. This interview with Lalah Hathaway is everything you would expect and more. As you can see below I fanned out in real-time as I was listening.

What’s very apparent is Lalah’s commitment to the music and musicianship. I love to hear folks talk shop, especially when they talk about the craft in a direct and intelligent way. No pretense here just honesty <--- see what I did there. Of course there's lots of fun and jokey jokes, just an all around good time. This is what great content is all about. We're not talking bits and bytes but just genuine transparent conversation. You will be treated to insight surrounding Lalah's beginnings in Chicago(there's a great story about her audition for a Performing Arts High School), to her time at Berklee(which I've mentioned before in these pages that a dearly departed friend of mine used to talk about Lalah as he was a student there during the same period)and a great peek into the making of her debut album. Ok, now what I'm going to do right here is stop my yapping and invite you to take a listen. You will not be disappointed. Shout out to Questlove and the entire team: Phonte, Steve, Laiya and Bill for truly creating a dinner party atmosphere with truly one of the great musicians of our time.