Remember back earlier this year when we featured a post of DJ Jazzy Jeff reflecting on the catalyst for Playlist Sessions Project? Today, I was inspired to post this grouping of songs from Wheeling, WV based vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Ezra John as a great example of that philosophy. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been closely watching Ezra release these great compositions into the atmosphere. In essence putting what Jazzy Jeff brought to the conversation into action.

What Ezra John is presenting here is a chance to hear the raw emotion, the moment not too far removed from inspiration when the song idea comes to you. It’s a very liberating place to be when you can bring forth the music and message without feeling the weight of censoring yourself because of the pressure for the production and presentation has to be this or that. As Ezra John and many other artists are allowing us to discover the art doesn’t have to be this or that what’s most important is that the art just has to be. The art doesn’t have its full shot at a life if it is stored away and only accessible by the artist.

So #Growns Here’s what I charge you with today. Check out the sounds that Ezra John is putting down. As always if you like what you hear, tell a friend or two thousand and support the movement by giving energy and light to the art and artists you rock with. Hopefully, you will consider adding Ezra John to your roster of new finds.