Andrea Martin wrote some of your favorite songs. Whether you know it or not. From “Robin S.’ “Show Me Love” to Monica’s’ “Before You Walk Out Of My Life”, to Fantasia’s “Lose To Win”, and all the songs in between. The singer-songwriter died this week at the age of 49 and it’s probably natural to wonder what more she may have contributed had she lived longer. But, after you watch the video below [where, with a ton of humor and personality, she shares her creative process and some invaluable life and industry knowledge] you’ll realize quickly that our opening statement is true. Andrea Martin wrote some of your favorite songs, and her contribution and impact during her lifetime was tremendous. 

Long Live the Songwriters

Think about the plethora of reasons why we love the songs we love or how they become our favorites. We may love the groove. It sounds good. The season of life we were in when the song came out was particularly good… or bad. A loved one listened to the song often. It was played at a wedding or a sung at a funeral. Or, in the case of most of the songs by Andrea Martin– it was the writing. The lyrics moved you.

Martin wrote songs of substance that had the added bonus of being hits. The themes her music touched on– heartbreak, unrequited love, being in love, etc.– are timeless themes at the core of being human and interacting with other humans. Write about expensive cars and clothes if you like, but as long as people are listening to music, then the songs that speak to their human condition are the ones that will endure. Andrea Martin’s music endures. 

One of our favorite sayings here at Grown Folks Music is, “Long live the songwriters.” Of course, no one can live forever.  However, we believe that people who make things, especially songwriters, leave an eternal legacy to the world. Andrea Martin lives forever through her music. Please enjoy Grown Folks Music’s playlist of some our favorite songs born from her pen.