The HeavyLight Experience is described as “A hip-hop/soul project made for grown-ups without being stodgy. Some performance poetry that gets away from cliche and boredom. A melody filled soul project that wants you to dance.” If you would allow me I’d like to extract to very important points from that description.

“…made for grown-ups without being stodgy.” Which is completely in sync with the vibe around these parts. As we rail constantly around here grown does not equate to old or stodgy. It’s just grown and you can reach that level whenever you’re ready it’s not solely based on age.

“A melody filled soul project that wants you to dance.” Mad bonus points here. Did someone say melody? Really? Ok who’s been bugging GFM HQ? No, but seriously a commitment to melody coupled with music that invites the dance sums up a lot of not only what’s been missing in music but what’s been forgotten.

So given this information what’s to question? What are you waiting on? The invitation has been extended, the offer stands that you may add this experience to collection for the price of none. What I would like to see and it sure sounds like The HeavyLight Experience is imploring this too: “Grown Folks dancing to melodic soul!” I can dig it! How about you?