There’s been a movement afoot for quite a longtime. What’s programmed is not reality, what you experience is… we all experience different things at different times and through those experiences we can speak on those things. If through your experience you’ve formed an opinion of the best route to take, speak on that. However, if someone else through their experience has a direction they want to move in, allow them to speak as well knowing that it does not diminish what you’ve said one bit, nor does it diminish what they’ve said either. If you can’t agree, no need for conflict: move on. Why? Because what you have to say is not only important but it is so (as in it matters, it is happening, you feel it) it is realer than real to you.

This is not a question of right or wrong but more a realization of what is and isn’t to you. Say what is so to you not necessarily what’s popular, but what’s important, what’s meaningful. It does reside in the similar space of the parental. When the parental was right, they said so to save you from hurt, harm and danger and not to control you. We’re afraid now to protect because it has been confounded with control by the actions of the unjust because their actions are magnified 1000 fold in this media era. The focus is in the wrong place. The art reflects it.

So say so not only in your home, your relationships, but also say so in your choices of music and media that you take in and share… perhaps the game is to bombard you with messages and images designed to show us at our worst and glorify that and by extension that becomes the new normal. Maybe it’s time for some Grown Folks to stand up because we say so!