With the indie soul music scene steadily paving its way through the rough, it is inevitable that different platforms will flourish in order to give these burgeoning artists a place to share their artistry with the masses. Out of this need, surfaced the birth of Rock, Paper, Soul, the brainchild of Richard Johnson and Speek Greene.  Both have the expertise of promoting and DJing and producing respectfully, under their belt.  By bridging the two together with their love for music, Rock, Paper, Soul is gearing up to bring you an indie experience that has long been talked about, but never produced – until now.

Rock, Paper, Soul is a stage solely for indie artists to showcase their work with an audience who loves, respects and would like to be exposed to, the genre of indie soul.  Up to four artists will be booked per event, each performing during a set of up to 30 minutes minimum.  Securing a place for open minded and upscale music lovers, Rock, Paper, Soul will be taking place in Harlem at Talay Lounge. All artist submissions will be pre-screened, to achieve the most enjoyable show and ambiance for Rock, Paper, Soul clientele.

New York City boasts a large following, when it comes to indie soul concerts. Everyone comes from near and far – Brooklyn, Manhattan and Harlem.  The energy created by the spectacular performances on the horizon, will parlay into Rock Paper Soul becoming a trusted event known not only in Harlem, but throughout the neighboring boroughs and beyond.

For more information, you can contact Rock, Paper, Soul at rockpapersoul@gmail.com or on their Facebook and Twitter page!!